The Microsoft Azure cloud services are often referenced by large companies and organizations as the secret to their success. Many companies rely on Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of advanced, hi-tech services to manage their workflow, reach their customers more easily and integrate high end innovation into their technological solutions.

But what exactly is Microsoft Azure, and how can it help your business? Also, would it be a practical choice to hire an Azure provider and subscribe to one of Microsoft’s plans for businesses that would want to use the Azure cloud services? Let’s explore all of these issues to reach an informed decision.

A Quick Overview of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is essentially an open cloud platform that features over 200 distinct tools and services available to businesses, individuals and organizations that pay for having access to some or even all of them. The Microsoft Azure cloud services cover every aspect of cloud computing and cloud services, including AI, the internet of things (IoT), analytics and the advanced security solutions required for integrating cloud-based solutions with sensitive business data.

Some of the services you can gain access to include:

  • Azure SQL – a comprehensive relational database service allowing for convenient integration of related SQL databases;
  • Azure AI and Machine Learning – a platform that combines cutting edge AI technology with advanced analytics;
  • Azure Synapse – a service focused primarily on analytics that can speed up data analysis a great deal;
  • Azure Cognitive Search – a powerful search feature that allows you to perform complex searches across all your online websites and applications;
  • Azure Stack Services – a hybrid cloud platform that allows for greater convenience and speed when trying to connect both on-premises and cloud-based data centers;
  • Azure Security – a comprehensive suite of security tools and services that is integrated across the entire platform and all the Azure tools, providing the latest in cloud-based security to keep your data safe.

How Can the Microsoft Azure Services Help Your Business?

Judging simply by what the tools listed above can do, you can already picture some of the benefits of having access to the Microsoft Azure cloud services. Your business will be able to store, manage and analyze relevant data from your customers at a faster rate and more intelligently, and you’ll also be able to speed up your customer service while providing your clients with far better support than ever before.

Additionally, depending on what your main focus is, you can use cutting edge solutions to leverage the advantages of IoT applications and artificial intelligence. The boundaries are still being pushed on just how much these technologies can help even regular, medium sized businesses; and if you own a tech company, you are likely to find even more comprehensive uses for them.

Should You Get Azure?

The decision of getting the Azure tools for your business will have to be based on a careful analysis of how much these services can help you and whether or not it will be worth the expense.

Fortunately, Microsoft has quite a few relevant payment plans that business owners can choose from, as well as trials that allow you to check out the software for free in the beginning. Moreover, with a dependable Azure provider, you’ll easily be able to learn about, implement and customize the use of all the services and tools you’ll need.