The electric scooter is a medical device intended for those with mobility problems, caused by a temporary or permanent disability, overweight or various mobility issues, to facilitate their transport at different distances, inside or outside their homes. The freedom of movement provides more independence to people with disabilities, getting them closer to cultural, social and educational activities, increasing the comfort and quality of their lives.

Electric scooters can be small, medium or large. In general, a small electric scooter is recommended to be used inside homes, institutions, shops or malls. These scooters are maneuverable even in narrow places, have low turning radius, light weight, they fit in elevators, can be easily transported in the trunk of a car, have autonomy of 12-14 km and reach approx. 6 km/ hour.

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The medium and large electric scooters are available in different designs. They weight 80-90 kg, have autonomy of 30-35 km and reach speeds up to 15-16 km/ hour. Also, they can carry loads up to 200 kg. Such a scooter has lighting and signaling system, adjustable headrest, rear-view mirrors for circulating safely on public roads, comfortable chair (foldable, adjustable horizontally, also allowing to increase the space dedicated to the legs and optimize the driving position), 90 degree side rotation (position that allows users to gt on/ off the scooter easily), folding armrests and adjustable steering console/ handlebar, in several positions.

In general, an electric scooter adult Denver retail option can be disassembled into component parts, so they can be easily transported or stored. The dashboard of a medical electric scooter typically comprises:

  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Horn
  • Signaling buttons (left / right)
  • Potentiometer for selecting gear
  • Button for signaling its presence at night
  • 2 batteries with 36Ah charging capacity and integrated charger
  • For increased safety when crossing obstacles, some scooters are also equipped with anti-roll wheels

Optionally, a scooter can also be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Support for fixing different objects (crutch, stick, umbrella etc.)
  • Support belt with automatic locking system
  • Protective cover
  • External charger

If you think about purchasing an electric scooter for your elderly parents, you must know that there are also people who are not allowed to use such a device. If your parents live in an area with very busy roads and no sidewalks or bicycle lanes, you should reconsider your decision and forget about purchasing a medical scooter designed for outdoor walks. In the best case scenario, you could opt for a small scooter, to be used indoors, if your parents really need one.

Additionally, there are certain health issues that forbid using a scooter: cognitive issues, poor vision, poor hearing, poor balance, seizure disorders and severe mobility issues.

Also remember that a larger scooter require some storage space, so make sure your parents have a secure place like a garage or a smaller storage unit with an electrical outlet – necessary to charge the battery.

On the other hand, if your parents have a good health and only experience some difficulties when they must walk longer distances, or have minor mobility issues, a medical scooter will be a great help for them when they go to the mall, visit grocery shops, senior center of their friends` houses.