A gas fire pit table is a type of fire pit that runs on either propane or natural gas and that features a design that makes it similar to a table, a design that features a horizontal top that accommodates the fire chamber and legs or an all-around support structure that accommodates the gas tank or the equipment necessary for supplying the appliance with natural gas.

Gas fire pit tables are available from many suppliers, conventional, brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers and if you perform even the quickest search you will see that these great units come in a seemingly endless array of styles and sizes. If you consider the options suitable for your patio or your backyard, but you feel confused by the variety that you have to make your way through before you find the best pick, here are some tips about shopping for the fire pit table that will serve you well for long years to come.

Consider Aspects Related to Safety

While shopping for your outdoor gas fire pit, pay extra attention to the aspects related to safety. Gas fire pit tables are considered to be the safest types of fire pits, but even so, you should pick a unit that comes with a safety ignition system as well as a shut off valve to prevent accidents and explosions. It is a good idea to choose a fire pit table that allows you to control the height of the flames. That way you have even more control over the burning process and you can enjoy even safer operation.

Determine the Location

The place where you will install your fire pit will determine many aspects and features. If you want to install your table on the patio, for example, and you already have furnishing items that you are planning to continue to use even after the fire pit is installed, that aspect will largely determine the size of the table that will comfortably fit onto your patio. The setting where you are planning to place your unit will also determine the style of the table – if the environment is rustic, the table you choose should also feature styling elements that match the setting around.

Functionality and Convenience

Fire pit tables come in varieties that serve more of an aesthetic role, while others are quite functional and designed to provide space for placing snacks and beverages around the fire chamber. Some fire pits can also be used for a little occasional grilling, such as grilling little pieces of marshmallow at the end of a stick.


The price range that gas fire pit tables come in is as large as the range of the designs available. Whatever your final possibilities, you will surely be able to find the best fit. However, before you start shopping, it is still a good idea to take a look at your finances and to allocate the budget for the purchase.

Professional Help Available

If you think that you need some help with the selection as well as with the installation of your gas fire pit table, it is a good idea to turn to the professionals at your local fire pit store. The people who will help you there will be able to tell you about the official requirements regarding the installation of gas operated fire pits and they will be able to help you pick the best unit for your preferences.