Hardwood Floors Get Rid of Cat Urine StainsThe strong odors from the urine of pets can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate. Dry powder products work through a process of counteracting and absorbing unpleasant odors that they safely and effectively eliminate. In the form of powder or mixed with warm water, dry powder products can also be used in carpet cleaning appliances or multiple other applications.


  • Designed to act both directly on fresh urine stains, as well as in carpet cleaning and deodorizing equipment, as detergents or rinsing additives
  • As spray solutions, used on porous surfaces, where urine infiltrates, dries, and can remain there for a long time
  • As additives in odor removal applications such as mops, sponges etc.

In order to teach a puppy to urinate outdoors, or a cat to use the litter box, it is necessary that the animal no longer smells the place where they urinated in the house. This way they will focus on marking the places you want them to use for urinating. Owners should keep encouraging their pets in the process of learning and make sure to clean unwanted urine stains completely, to speed up the learning process in their animal.

If when you return home, you discover that your pet urinated where they were not supposed to, do not act aggressively. The animal did not do it to make you angry on purpose, or to teach you a lesson. Sometimes, it is simply an accident (older animals in particular may have health problems that make them urinate where they are not supposed to), or the animal simply follows its instinct, especially if the smell of an older stain is still lingering.

The process of cleaning the urine stains left on indoor surfaces such as removing cat urine stains from hardwood floors must be done in the absence of the animal, and complete cleaning of the areas affected by pet urine can only be done using special products.

Professional powder effectively removes stains and odor from carpets, furniture, floors, upholstery and other surfaces, without causing degradation, like chemicals typically do. The efficiency of the product is given by the contained enzymes, which feed on organic compounds (urine) until their complete elimination. The smell and stains are removed efficiently and quickly, the result being that the animal will not feel the need to mark that place again. Products of this type are also biodegradable.


The use of dry powder products to get rid of pet stains

Before using such a product, it is recommended to test it on a small area of ​​the surface to be cleaned, because some materials (such as wool) may change their color.

Sprinkle the powder over the fresh urine stain; the thickness of the applied powder must be about 3 mm. On fabrics or upholstery it is recommended to use a soft brush to ensure that the product does deep into the material. The powder should be allowed to act for 30 minutes, and then it is necessary to vacuum the residue. For stains that are difficult to remove, you should repeat the process, mixing the powder with hot water to obtain a solution that will be sprayed on the stain. These liquid solutions are also used on old and already dried stains, on which the cleaner in its powder form would have no effect.