Whether you’re hiking in a strange place, taking a long ride on your bike or just enjoying the view from the patio of your countryside house, having a pair of high quality Bluetooth speakers can help a great deal. Speakers like these are not hard to come by, and they are also not too expensive, so you can consider even getting a unique design or buying a feature-rich wireless speaker that will have literally all the bells and whistles and everything you can possibly need in terms of advanced technology.


Since the difference between the price of a high quality speaker and that of one that doesn’t have too many features to show off will not be too big, it makes a lot of sense to consider investing some more cash and buying a better speaker instead of settling for one that might not do so much and might also break down when you least expect it.


So let’s take a look at a few things you should consider, if you think about buying a feature-rich Bluetooth speaker:


  • First of all, a compact and portable design doesn’t mean that you can carry it around but without really putting it down anywhere. The design has to allow you to attach it to surfaces or objects when you’re out in nature, so you can take advantage of the entire environment when you want to make camp and listen to your favorite songs. The best Bluetooth speakers will have hooks, clasps, clips, cords for connecting them to your backpack or anything else that could help you attach them to a surface, a large object or a piece of your clothing.
  • Try to find a set of speakers that have good acoustics for outdoor listening. Anywhere you go in nature, you will hear buzzing, chirping, sound of running water, as well as various land and marine animals making noise in the distance. So you’ll want to know for a fact that your speakers can be heard over all that in crystal clear quality.
  • Make sure you get a set of outdoor Bluetooth patio speakers that have a resilient body and a design that is built to last. A case with a metallic frame might be somewhat more expensive, but it will definitely be worth it, if you want your speaker to not be easily damaged in nature.
  • If you plan to take your Bluetooth speakers everywhere with you, even in locations where the weather can change suddenly or you could end up hiking on rough terrain or swimming in a lake, you’ll want to make sure that your speakers are completely waterproof. The alternative might be that you’ll need to have them replaced or repaired even after only a little rainwater gets to them.
  • It’s also a good idea to get some wireless speakers that can allow you to answer calls on your phone and not just listen to music. This feature would not be very expensive to add, and it’s standard even on some of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers.


If you’re really serious about getting the best outdoor wireless speakers, then these are the main features you need to look for. Although you might expect a speaker that has all these features to be overly expensive, you’ll find them even below the price of $100 in some cases, so they are definitely worth the price.