There is a huge difference between a company that has five or six employees and operates from an office building, and one that manages multiple high risk projects and has to hire a wide variety of both qualified and unqualified workers.

For the first, hiring an expensive HR company might be counterproductive as well as not necessary as of yet. However, the second might not even be able to manage their employees properly without an HR company. That is why it’s very important to know whether or not your company is in an industry and of a size that requires the expertise of a human resources firm.

  1. Construction Companies

A company that hires workers in construction or as various contractors working on specific areas of a project (such as electricians and roofers) needs to have a proper HR department that can deal with complaints, mitigation, payment issues, insurance related conflicts and ensuring that there is proper communication between the company and the employee. In the construction industry, employees are exposed to a lot of dangers and difficulties, so hiring a human resources company is of paramount importance. 

  1. The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an industry where the health, well-being and possibly even the lives of people could depend on how well workers are treated. When morale is down, there are a lot of patients to take care of, your paycheck is late and you’re falling behind your mortgage payments, you can easily make a mistake even if you’re a skilled healthcare worker. As such, this is one industry where every institution should consider hiring a professional Healthcare HR company.

  1. The Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, workers often have to work long hours, handle difficult or monotone jobs, and deal with managers whose primary goal is to reach a certain level of productivity, even if they have to push the workers harder and get them to work overtime. Under such situations, there is less of a close connection between the leaders and managers of a manufacturing plant and the common workers. As such, the balancing act has to be maintained with the help of an HR company that can bridge the connection between the manufacturer and the employees.

  1. Retailers and Retail Chains

Similarly to the manufacturing industry, retail chains have a lot of workers, and their policies can conflict sometimes with the requirements of some of their employees. At the same time, communication can easily break down between the workers and the leadership of a retail chain, so HR companies are needed to keep conflicts at bay and ensure that everyone involved has a fair chance at having their interests met.

  1. Any High Risk Industry

Injuries and illnesses are quite common in some high risk, dangerous industries such as transportation, logging work, security and even farming. Moreover, there are high risk industries that are risky from a financial and long term perspective, since the stakes are high, financial disputes are common, and employees can find themselves out of a job quickly and through no fault of their own. In such situations, having an HR company can not only benefit the workers, but also keep business owners from having to deal with subsequent legal issues and conflicts due to accidents and injuries.