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Is it Time for your Elderly Parent to use an Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter is a medical device intended for those with mobility problems, caused by a temporary or permanent disability, overweight or various mobility issues, to facilitate their transport at different distances, inside or outside their homes. The freedom of movement provides more independence to people with disabilities, getting them closer to cultural, social and educational activities, increasing the comfort and quality of their lives.

Electric scooters can be small, medium or large. In general, a small electric scooter is recommended to be used inside homes, institutions, shops or malls. These scooters are maneuverable even in narrow places, have low turning radius, light weight, they fit in elevators, can be easily transported in the trunk of a car, have autonomy of 12-14 km and reach approx. 6 km/ hour.

electric scooter adult Denver

The medium and large electric scooters are available in different designs. They weight 80-90 kg, have autonomy of 30-35 km and reach speeds up to 15-16 km/ hour. Also, they can carry loads up to 200 kg. Such a scooter has lighting and signaling system, adjustable headrest, rear-view mirrors for circulating safely on public roads, comfortable chair (foldable, adjustable horizontally, also allowing to increase the space dedicated to the legs and optimize the driving position), 90 degree side rotation (position that allows users to gt on/ off the scooter easily), folding armrests and adjustable steering console/ handlebar, in several positions.

In general, an electric scooter adult Denver retail option can be disassembled into component parts, so they can be easily transported or stored. The dashboard of a medical electric scooter typically comprises:

  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Horn
  • Signaling buttons (left / right)
  • Potentiometer for selecting gear
  • Button for signaling its presence at night
  • 2 batteries with 36Ah charging capacity and integrated charger
  • For increased safety when crossing obstacles, some scooters are also equipped with anti-roll wheels

Optionally, a scooter can also be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Support for fixing different objects (crutch, stick, umbrella etc.)
  • Support belt with automatic locking system
  • Protective cover
  • External charger

If you think about purchasing an electric scooter for your elderly parents, you must know that there are also people who are not allowed to use such a device. If your parents live in an area with very busy roads and no sidewalks or bicycle lanes, you should reconsider your decision and forget about purchasing a medical scooter designed for outdoor walks. In the best case scenario, you could opt for a small scooter, to be used indoors, if your parents really need one.

Additionally, there are certain health issues that forbid using a scooter: cognitive issues, poor vision, poor hearing, poor balance, seizure disorders and severe mobility issues.

Also remember that a larger scooter require some storage space, so make sure your parents have a secure place like a garage or a smaller storage unit with an electrical outlet – necessary to charge the battery.

On the other hand, if your parents have a good health and only experience some difficulties when they must walk longer distances, or have minor mobility issues, a medical scooter will be a great help for them when they go to the mall, visit grocery shops, senior center of their friends` houses.


How To Get Rid Of Pet Stains With A Dry Powder

Hardwood Floors Get Rid of Cat Urine StainsThe strong odors from the urine of pets can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate. Dry powder products work through a process of counteracting and absorbing unpleasant odors that they safely and effectively eliminate. In the form of powder or mixed with warm water, dry powder products can also be used in carpet cleaning appliances or multiple other applications.


  • Designed to act both directly on fresh urine stains, as well as in carpet cleaning and deodorizing equipment, as detergents or rinsing additives
  • As spray solutions, used on porous surfaces, where urine infiltrates, dries, and can remain there for a long time
  • As additives in odor removal applications such as mops, sponges etc.

In order to teach a puppy to urinate outdoors, or a cat to use the litter box, it is necessary that the animal no longer smells the place where they urinated in the house. This way they will focus on marking the places you want them to use for urinating. Owners should keep encouraging their pets in the process of learning and make sure to clean unwanted urine stains completely, to speed up the learning process in their animal.

If when you return home, you discover that your pet urinated where they were not supposed to, do not act aggressively. The animal did not do it to make you angry on purpose, or to teach you a lesson. Sometimes, it is simply an accident (older animals in particular may have health problems that make them urinate where they are not supposed to), or the animal simply follows its instinct, especially if the smell of an older stain is still lingering.

The process of cleaning the urine stains left on indoor surfaces such as removing cat urine stains from hardwood floors must be done in the absence of the animal, and complete cleaning of the areas affected by pet urine can only be done using special products.

Professional powder effectively removes stains and odor from carpets, furniture, floors, upholstery and other surfaces, without causing degradation, like chemicals typically do. The efficiency of the product is given by the contained enzymes, which feed on organic compounds (urine) until their complete elimination. The smell and stains are removed efficiently and quickly, the result being that the animal will not feel the need to mark that place again. Products of this type are also biodegradable.


The use of dry powder products to get rid of pet stains

Before using such a product, it is recommended to test it on a small area of ​​the surface to be cleaned, because some materials (such as wool) may change their color.

Sprinkle the powder over the fresh urine stain; the thickness of the applied powder must be about 3 mm. On fabrics or upholstery it is recommended to use a soft brush to ensure that the product does deep into the material. The powder should be allowed to act for 30 minutes, and then it is necessary to vacuum the residue. For stains that are difficult to remove, you should repeat the process, mixing the powder with hot water to obtain a solution that will be sprayed on the stain. These liquid solutions are also used on old and already dried stains, on which the cleaner in its powder form would have no effect.




Does it Make Sense to Plant Wildflowers in Your Yard?

The return to nature. This catchword used to be very popular among English gardeners from the early eighteenth century, when the straight alleys, carefully worked vegetation and lush details of the Baroque style were no longer popular.

It was time for a change! It was probably rather a call of the nature, but this is how the new wild gardens have been born. One of the greatest English poets of the eighteenth century, Alexander Pope, was the first to design such a space; he created in Twickenham Park, England, a true natural paradise.

hummingbird flower mix

Returning to present and comparing different styles of gardens, we can easily realize that Pope was right to take such an initiative. The wild garden, allowed to grow freely, creates a unique feeling of peace, tranquility and naturalness. Did you know you can plant a hummingbird flower mix to attract hummingbirds? Or specific mixes to attract bees?

What does a wild garden mean?

A wild garden can have a variety of definitions. For some, it means a way to limit the special care that most plants need to look perfect, and to create a different gardening style, closer to the natural harmony. Others may associate a wild garden exclusively with the types of plants chosen for that space. If you are fond of walking through pristine places, where Mother Nature rules without human intervention, you should definitely opt for a wildflower garden.

The idea of ​​a wild garden is nothing more than creating a space that looks as natural as possible, with less rigid lines, shapes and rules.

Reasons to have a wild garden

There are many benefits to deciding to allow your garden to grow wild. Consider the role of the wildflowers and remember that cutting vegetation is a process that we perform in our yards or gardens, but it is not a norm in the nature. We feel that we must limit the growth of plants in order to transform nature and make it more organized, even geometric, but we must also remember that the nature knows what it is doing without our intervention, and sometime we might be surprised by the beauty it creates in the so-called chaos.

Of course, a wild garden does not mean to allow plants to invade everything, but it means using wild species that are not just very beautiful but also provide a great habitat for wildlife.  If you prefer a garden that requires much easier maintenance, less effort for you and less time spent for taking care of it, a wildflower garden is the best option.

Another benefit of such a garden is that it becomes more and more natural as the plants grow. We like to spend time in nature because we connect with the smells and landscapes it offers us. If you allow your plants to adopt a growth pattern as close to the natural one, they will retain the essence of nature in your garden.

Native plants that grow in your area are the best for your garden. Wildflowers may seem strong and resistant, growing on their own even in difficult soils and climatic conditions, but they become very sensible when it comes to naturalizing them in a foreign environment. Such experiments may work, with a lot of dedication, but the process is difficult and frustrating in most of the cases.

To select the right wildflowers, you can talk to specialists from local nurseries, or you can study books and search for the necessary information online.