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Are Custom Branded Tents Worth the Investment for Your Firm?

Custom canopy tents are everywhere these days – you can see them on all sorts of outdoor events from festivals to harvest fairs and from industry events to expos. If you have a start-up or you run an established company with a long tradition and you been wondering whether a custom tent can benefit your company as well, here are some of the perks you get after you invest into a properly designed and executed custom tent.


A branded tent practically ensures that you can take your business with you anywhere. Custom tents are available in a variety of standard sizes or you can order a tent manufactured to your exact specifications, but most tents, even large ones, are easy to transport. Custom tents usually come with a sturdy case that serves the purpose of protecting the tent when it is not in use and that will also make transportation easy.

Custom tents are also very easy to set up and to take down, which gives you even more mobility while participating at industry events or community festivals.

Cost Efficiency

Custom branded pants are very affordable, even large ones featuring complex prints are conveniently priced. Branded tents are also appreciated for being very long lasting, which means that you will be able to recoup the price that you pay for your unit in a very short time.

Increased Attention and Engagement

A tent of the right size, that features the right design is an excellent tool in your hands to attract the attention of new customers and to make your business really stand out. An attractive and highly visible custom tent set up in a strategically important place will quickly transform into a central meeting point of the event and will give you even more exposure.

Shelter From the Weather

Branded tents are not only marketing tools and advertisement carriers – they also provide comfort and shelter from the heat, the cold, the sun and the rain to your stuff as well as to your visitors and customers. A tent of the right size can be fitted with furniture such as a desk and several chairs where your customers can sit down comfortably while talking to your representative – a great way to make memorable first impression.


Custom canopy tents are usually made from durable synthetic materials or cotton and they usually stand on poles made from the sturdiest aluminum or steel. The modern printing technologies used for creating the custom design can also be relied on in terms of durability, allowing you to enjoy the colors of your plans four years without having to worry about fading.

Versatility in Terms of Design

Custom tents are suitable for executing any design, from simple ones consisting of only a few shapes and colors to really complex and intricate ones that reflect the complexity of your brand image. You can also choose to add even more marketing materials inside and outside the tent, including branded tablecloths and banners, all featuring a consistent and attractive appearance.

What Are the Laws Today Regarding Psilocybin Mushrooms?

Legally, psilocybin mushrooms are considered to be controlled substances due to their content of psilocybin, the compound with hallucinogenic effects. However, the legal status of magic mushrooms is a bit more complex than that and it is also a status that is in constant change not only in the US, but all over the world – here are some more things to know about the topic.

The Legal Status of Magic Mushrooms in the World

Magic mushrooms are generally included into the lists of controlled substance in most parts of the world. In the US, the process of criminalization started in the 1970’s – since then, psilocybin has been considered illegal and the law has banned the usage, the consumption, the selling as well as the consumption of the mushrooms containing the compound.

What makes the actual legislation interesting is the fact that the ban is linked to the presence of the psilocybin compound. Magic mushrooms contain the substance only in mushroom form, which means that the compound is not found in the spores – the tiny particles responsible for the proliferation of the fungi. Consequently, there is no legal ban on magic mushroom spores, which means that the spores can be freely handled as long as they are not turned into actual mushrooms.

Decriminalization – a Process that Has Slowly Taken Off

Recent decades have seen growing scientific interest towards magic mushrooms, with research projects conducted into the expectations related to the effects of psilocybin as well as into the actual mental, emotional and physiological effects of exposure to the substance and the potential medicinal uses of the compound. A business that offers psilocybe cubensis spores to researchers affirms that the scientific findings of these results have shown that psilocybin is not an addictive substance, what’s more, when administered in small doses, it has beneficial effects on people suffering from severe depression, anxiety, with many participants in the studies and research programs reporting instant positive effects, such as a relaxed state of mind, improve sleep and focus. The promising results have contributed to changes in terms of the attitude towards magic mushrooms, with many US municipalities and areas already showing a more relaxed approach towards the possession of magic mushrooms for personal consumption. Decriminalization in the field means that magic mushrooms are still illegal, but it is unlikely that law enforcement units would engage in any action if the quantity possessed is very small and not accompanied with any behavior that requires action from the law enforcement unit.

The process of decriminalization and legalization has started in many other countries as well. In most countries, the possession of spores in quantities suitable for personal consumption and not more is usually unregulated. The possession of the mushrooms in small quantities is tolerated and decriminalized in many European countries as well as in South America. Some countries at the two extremes are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Hong Kong and New Zealand, where possession, sale, transportation and cultivation are all illegal and Bahamas, India, Nepal, Brazil, Jamaica or the Netherlands, where all these activities are considered to be completely legal.

The Common Services Accountants Perform

Accounting is a crucial activity in the life of any business – whatever the core activity of the business and whatever its size, it will need a wide range of accountancy services, from recording sales and expenditure to filing tax returns and from ensuring compliance with tax laws to activities related to payroll. Here are some of the most common services that professional accountant firms and independent accountants offer.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

The most common service provided by accountants is, no surprise, accounting – the process of producing financial records, of tracking revenues and expenditure in a way that provides accurate, up-to-date information regarding the financial situation of the company whenever the information is needed.

Accountants and accountancy firms also offer bookkeeping services – a service that also involves keeping track of transactions, like accounting, but at the more basic level of recording invoices, bills and other transactions in the relevant accounts sections. Bookkeeping is a service that is usually available not only from full-fledged accountants, but from bookkeepers as well.

Auditing and Consultation

An Accountant Highlands Ranch professional can also perform financial audits to identify weak points that require improvement and to help with achieving certain financial goals, such as consolidation, growth or the reduction of debt. Many companies need such audits and consultation occasionally, either because the owner or the management need the data for deciding whether moving into a certain direction would increase profitability or because the company’s internal guidelines or other documents require them.

Preparing Tax Documents and Tax Filing

Another important and common area of specialty for accountants is the provision of services related to taxes. Accountant Highlands Ranch financial professionals keep up with the legislative changes that affect the techniques used for calculating taxes and filing tax documents and they ensure that the company’s accountancy practices are in compliance with the applicable laws. Accountancy firms use the company’s revenue and expenditure calculations to fill in tax documents and to file those documents by the deadlines they need to be filed.

Specialty Services

Beside the services related to the client company’s day to day finances and tax return calculations, many accountants also offer specialty services, such as consultations to help with financial planning or business valuation, that is, the calculation of the company’s value based on the company’s assets, liabilities and its position on the market to be used for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions or for credit purposes.

To meet the demand for systems that ensure the highest level of security for business data, many accountancy companies have included information security services into their range. Clients can use these services to examine the integrity of their computer systems as well as of their IT practices to prevent data loss, security breaches, data theft and other illegal activities that could have dramatic consequences for the company’s operations.

Another area of specialty services provided by accountants and accountancy firms is forensic accountancy. Forensic accounting is practically the examination of a company’s finances and the preparation of documents that summarize the findings of the examination for being used in legal proceedings.